All espresso drinks include 2 shots
Gourmet Organic Coffee, Espresso, & Tea

Shot in the Dark (coffee with 2 shots espresso)
Café’ au lait  (coffee w/steamed milk)

Espresso (2 shots)

Macchiato (2 shots espresso w/dollop of foam)

Cappuccino (2 shots espresso, 1/2 steamed milk, 1/2 foam)

Americano (2 shots espresso & hot water)

Latte (2 shots espresso & steamed milk)

Flavored Latte  *Ask server about seasonal flavors*

Mocha Latte (Dark Chocolate or White Chocolate)

Caramel Latte

Chai Latte (chai, steamed milk, & cinnamon)
Dirty Chai Latte (Chai Latte with 2 shots espresso added)

Steamers (Steamed Milk + Flavored Syrup)

Hot Chocolate: (Whipped Cream & Chocolate Drizzle

Milk Substitutes- soy or almond milk

All cold drinks 16 oz.
Iced Drinks
Iced Coffee/Tea
Iced Latte
Flavored Ice Latte
Iced Mocha Latte
Iced Chai
Iced Dirty Chai
Italian Soda
Italian Cream Soda

Frappes (any flavor, 2 shots espresso, half & half, blended with ice, topped w/whip cream)

Sunny Day
(Strawberry, Mango, Papaya, Pineapple,
Banana & Apple juice)
Bombshell Berry
(strawberries, raspberries, blueberries, blackberries
& apple juice)
Banana Berry Bliss
(Same as Bombshell Berry + Bananas)
Mango Blast
(mango + mango nectar)

Milk Shakes   (W/Whipped Cream)
Made with 13 oz Premium Vanilla Ice Cream
Any flavor, including: Chocolate, Vanilla, & Strawberry
Chai Milk Shake (made with our delicious chai & vanilla ice cream)
Mocha Milk Shake (made with 2 shots espresso & chocolate syrup)

Vanilla Ice Cream Scoop
Ice Cream Sunday
(Topping + Whipped Cream & Chocolate Drizzle)
Warm Brownie Sundae
(w/ice cream, topping, & whip cream)
Warm Cookie Sundae
(w/ice cream, topping, & whip cream)
Cheese Cake
(w/topping choose Strawberry, Chocolate, or Caramel Sauce)

Baked Goods
Cookies (locally made)
Brownies (locally made)

Bottled Water
Coke    Diet Coke
Izze   Martinelli’s Apple Juice  Milk (12 oz)

Over please

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